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  • Gladiator (Yearly)

    Valid for one year
    • Access to one of our exclusive Whatsapp Clubs
    • Access to join Chalchitra YouTube LIVE Streams
    • Special Access on our Discord server
  • Best Value

    Godfather (Yearly)

    Valid for one year
    • A monthly call with Vaani & Vaibhav
    • You can join Vaani & Vaibhav to read books LIVE on Zoom
    • Access to ALL 7 of our exclusive Whatsapp Clubs
    • Host a Band Darwaza Session

List of all our current Godfathers

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

Membership Perks & Guildelines

Dear Gladiator/Godfather,

We are pleased to have you on board as a Chalchitra Talks member. Your support helps us sustain the channel.

As you become a member, you also get access to a lot of perks. But with great perks, comes greater responsibility. And below are some of the things we want to mention in regard to this responsibility.

Whatsapp Groups

There are 6 exclusive Whatsapp Groups that you can get access to (Movie, Book, Music, Science, Sports, & Godfathers). These are loosely curated by us, the co-founders, Vaibhav, Vaani, & Sorabh. But since we cannot keep an eye on each message, we would want you to be conscious about how you use these groups. There are a few things we would want to urge you for.

A. Please Don't Spam All of us are passionate about art and pop culture but sometimes we tend to over-indulge even when no one is interacting with us. We consider sending 3 back to back messages in any group as spamming, particularly when no one is engaging with your messages.

B. Let's Not Get Too Political Since we don't monitor every message, we can only request you to not get too political. Because it just leads to heated debates. And at Chalchitra Talks, we like to celebrate what's good and not focus so much on the bad. This is also one of the main reasons why on Chalchitra Talks, we recommend stuff more than reviewing it.

C. No Self-Promotions As we are growing, we have noticed, few people just became our members, so that they could promote their own works in groups. It kills the overall vibe of the groups. But if you ever feel like you need to share your own work (a video/an article), which will not impact the essence of the groups, please just ask us (Vaibhav, Vaani, Sorabh) once on DM.

D. Exiting Groups Another thing that we have noticed is, some members don't leave the groups when they discontinue their memberships. This particularly becomes tricky for us because the access to all these groups is only until one is a member. It is not lifetime access. So we would sincerely request you to leave the groups if you have discontinued your membership.

E. Obscenity Please refrain from sharing obscene videos/texts in the groups.

F. Spoilers

If there is a major movie/show/episode release, please don't do any spoiler talk in groups.

You can always request us to make a separate group for spoiler discussions of that specific movie/show.

NOTE: Please note, as a Godfather, it is up to you how many groups you want to join. We give you access to all 6 groups, but if you feel like being a part of only a few groups, you can choose to do so.


Direct Messages to the Founders

You can message the founders directly, but please try to keep it short and specific to the core point.

Since there are more than 100 members now, we can no longer cater to every single message. A better way to go about it to @ us in the Godfathers group.


Monthly Godfather Calls

Vaibhav & Vaani do monthly calls with our Godfathers where we catch up with them and take their recommendations as to what they are reading/watching.


NEW : Zoom calls for Book & Movie discussions

Like our monthly Godfather calls, we are planning to start with Movie Club & Book Club calls (which will also give access to the gladiators to join these particular discussions.


Access to Join us on Streams

Our Godfather and Gladiators also get the chance to join us on Chalchitra streams and quizzes. However, this perk is applicable for some particular streams and not all streams.



Starting this month, we will be sending a feedback form at the end of every month, to our godfathers where they can give their feedback and suggest new ideas for the future!


Upgrading Membership (For Gladiators)

As you must have noticed in the above pointers, our first preference for almost everything is our top tier members (Godfathers), if at any point, you want to upgrade the membership, you can do so via Youtube/Patreon and ask any of the founders to give access to all perks.


Payment Methods

If you are not able to pay via or Youtube, you can also pay for the membership via UPI. You can Whatsapp Sorabh directly for this.

We will keep updating this document as we grow but these were some of the pointers we wanted to share as you join us as a member of Chalchitra Talks.

We hope that you love being a part of the Chalchitra community.



Vaibhav, Sorabh, & Vaani

Co-Founders, Chalchitra Talks

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