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What is Chalchitra Talks?

We are a community of pop-culture enthusiasts. Through our Youtube and Instagram, we give recommendations of our favourite movies, books, and everything we love. Few months back, we made a video where we tried to tell our whole story. If you are new here, do watch it. :) 

On Chalchitra Talks, we also invite our favourite artists on our platform to give out their recommendations. In past we have had guests like Anurag Kashyap, Peter Gould (creator, Better Call Saul), Naseeruddin Shah, Bhuvan Bam, Varun Grover, Tanmay Bhat, Colin & Samir, Nucleya, Shefali Shah on the channel. Check out more than 100+ guest episodes on our Youtube channel. 

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We have two sister channels -- Kitaabi Cabins, where we go deep into the world of books and literature & Second Last Supper, which is all about entrepreneurship and life stories. Do subscribe to them too. :)

We have always been inspired by platforms like Nitch, Brain Pickings, & School of Life. And like them, we have also tried to build a place which celebrates life. Hence we always recommend what we love, and rarely talk about things we don't like. 

This celebration has enabled us to have one of the strongest pop-culture communities in the world. Currently we have more than 150 paid members in our community from all over the world. What we've come to realise is that, for many of' us, including us, the Chalchitra community is like a comforting embrace that makes us feel at home. It makes us feel a little less lonely. It's not a magical solution for loneliness, of course! But it has this incredible ability to create connections that make us feel understood and supported.

It has become a part of our lives too, where we get to show up in Chalchitra clubs and talk about niche topics which others would relate to. Having people from all over the world in theses clubs gives so many new perspectives. It makes our Sundays more relaxing and in a gentle way, it pushes us to read more and watch more. And this is why, at times, when people quit Chalchitra Talks membership, they do tend to come back. They mostly come back. A set of people passionate about pop-culture, coming together, and making it all bearable for each other. And if you want the direct access to this community, become our yearly member by clicking here.

Hope you like what we have built for you. Hope to see you in the community. :) 

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