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The Core Team


Vaibhav Munjal


Disha Sawant

Screenshot 2022-01-30 at 1.51.49 PM.png

Nayanika Sharma

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Sorabh Munjal


Priyansh Kumar Jha


Vaani Mahesh


Akash Male


Vinayak Tripathi


Hindol Hazra

  • How did Chalchitra Talks start?
    Know more by reading this blog!
  • How do I access the exclusive WhatsApp groups of Chalchitra?
    You can become a patreon or member of our YouTube Community. In case you face any problems, please write to us at! Once you become a Godfather, we will add you to all our 6 exclusive WhatsApp groups. In case you become a Gladiator, we will add you to one exclusive WhatsApp group of your choice.
  • Who are the underliners?
    An underliner is anyone who picks up and reads all the books mentioned in A Book A Month with Vaani throughout the year. If you’ll become an underliner, you’ll become a part of the special community with whom we’ll plan something amazing at the end of the year on December 31, 2022.
  • How do I work with you?
    You can write to us at or :)
  • Does Chalchitra Talks have a discord community?
    Hey, yes! We do. You can access it right here!
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