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Abhinandan Sekhri's Recommendations

Abhinandan Sekhri is the co-founder and CEO of Newslaundry, a media critique, news and current affairs website.


It was written out of a desire to approach the problem of "artificial" country divisions

Caste Matters

It sets out to present the explosive issues in India's totalitarian caste society.

The Reader

It explores the themes of betrayal, guilt & memory at the time of the Holocaust.

Joseph Anton: A Memoir

It is an autobiographical book by the British Indian writer, Salman Rushdie.

The Way Things Were

It alternates between two time periods. The current and the 1970s -80s.

Em and the Big Hoom

It deals with depression, albeit of a manic kind.

The Twice-Born: Life and Death on the Ganges

It is a deeply personal memoir marked by profound events in the author's own life.

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