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Amit Varma's Recommendations

Amit Varma is a writer and podcaster based in Mumbai. In 2008, his first novel My friend, Sancho was nominated to the longlist for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2008. In April 2009, he was named by BusinessWeek magazine in its India's 50 Most Powerful People 2009 list, for his blog India Uncut.

Because I am a Woman

It is a collection of seven stories of seven girls from different parts of India

Collected Poems

It contains all Sylvia Plath's poetry written from 1956 up to her death in 1963

Public Opinion

It provides a fundamental treatise on the nature of human information & communication

Romantic Outlaws

It is a story of the passionate and pioneering lives of Mary Wollstonecraft

A Poetry Handbook

It is an ultimate guide to writing and understanding poetry.

Lady Doctors

It tells inspirational stories of 6 women who defied the idea that they were unfit for medicine by virtue of their gender

The Notebook Trilogy

It tells the story of twin brothers, Claus and Lucas

I Lost It at the Movies

It serves as a compendium of movie reviews written by Pauline Kael

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