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Ayush Mehra's Recommendations

Ayush Mehra is an actor famously known for his YouTube appearances. He is known for his work in web series like Minus One, Operation MBBS, and most recently Call My Agent. 

You can check out his episode on Chalchitra Talks here.

The Collected Short Stories

It brings together three of Archer’s classic collection of short stories.

Actors At Work

It's extremely difficult to be an actor, for many reasons: It's mostly unrewarding financially...

An Actor prepares

An Actor Prepares is the first of Konstantin Stanislavski's books on acting.

The Intent to Live

Whether you act for a living or want a deeper understanding of acting, The book is for you.

Creating a Role

It is Stanislavski's third and final book on his method for learning the art of acting.

Flowers For Algernon

A science fiction short story and a novel by American writer Daniel Keyes.

On Method Acting

It offers a practical application of the renowned Stanislavsky technique.

Building a character

It is second of Stanislavski's three books on his method for learning the art of acting.

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