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Devashish Makhija's Recommendations

Devashish Makhija is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, graphic artist, fiction writer, and poet, best known for writing and directing full-length feature films Ajji, Bhonsle and short films like Taandav, agli baar & el'ayichi.

You can check out his episode on Chalchitra Talks here.

Tintin and the Secret of Literature

Tintin is a remarkable story of illegitimacy and deceit.

City of Glass

It is the third book in The Mortal Instruments series.

Scalped (American Novel Series)

Scalped is a 60-issue crime/western comic book series.

The Conversations : Walter Murch

It is a treasure, essential for any lover or student of film.

Reasons of Belonging : 14 Contemporary Indian Poets

It brings some of the most striking voices In Indian Poetry.

The Push Man and Other Stories

It is a collection of gekiga short stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi.

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