Hindol Hazra's Recommendations

Hindol is a creator at Chalchitra Talks.

Media Control - Noam Chomsky

It is a classic on wartime propaganda asserting two models of democracy.

Mother Pious Lady: Making Sense of Everyday India

A new India is visibly emerging from within the folds of its many pasts.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

This is the story of a man named after a friend rescues him moments before Earth becomes no more.

Conversations with Mani Ratnam

It is a 2012 biographical book by Baradwaj Rangan.

Asterix and the Class Act: Album 32

It is a compilation of short stories unlike other Asterix comics.

Everybody Loves a Good Drought

A book about research findings of poverty in the rural districts of India.

Complete Adventures of Feluda

An incident near the Chhinnamasta temple leads to the death of Mahesh.