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Manisha Pandey's Recommendations

Manisha Pande is the executive editor at Newslaundry - A digital news agency. She is also the anchor and writer of the Newslaundry show TV Newsance.

You can check out her episode on Chalchitra Talks here.

One Part Woman

It is a Tamil novel written by Perumal Murugan.

Collected Plays Voulme 1

Th e troubled reign of a fourteenth-century sultan of Delhi.

Diddi: My Mother's Voice

The story of a popular Hindi writer recounted by her daughter.

Ghazalen, Nazmen, Sher aur Jeevani

A fine collection of poems by Nida Fazli.

How to fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position

Can the glass ever really be more than half-full?

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