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Manu S. Pillai's Recommendations

Manu S. Pillai is an Indian author and historian.

Lady Doctors Book by Kavitha Rao

Extraordinary stories of six women who defied the idea that they were unfit for medicine.


As the foundations are laid for a temple, voices rise in a small town in central Kerala.

Red, White & Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue is a 2019 LGBT romance novel by Casey McQuiston.

Gandhi's Assassin by Dhirendra K. Jha

A confirmed bigot and an oddball, the man who became Gandhi's assassin was something of a miracle baby.

Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh

Shrayana maps the economic and personal trajectories of a diverse group of women.

Goat Days

It is about an abused migrant worker in Saudi Arabia written by Benyamin.

Essence of Indian Art

An in depth look at Indian Art. This book is among the greatest of Goswamy's efforts.

Furrows in a Field by Sugata Srinivasaraju

H.D. Deve Gowda started at the very bottom and reached the very top as India's eleventh PM.

Girl Made of Gold

The young devadasi kanaka disappears and, as if in her place, a statue in pure gold appears.


Pranay has woven together India’s deep natural history, filled with reptiles, amazing plants, etc.

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