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#1: Vaani's Reccos Mix

Updated: Jun 27, 2021


I hope you are doing well!

For a long time, i have been pushing my discoveries into an archive of oblivion.

We are starting a new series where i plan to share these discoveries with all of you. I really hope they bring you the same joy they have brought to me when i first came across them.

In the past 1 week, I discovered quite a few things. Here are some noteworthy mentions that i think you should definitely check out!

  1. A new drink: Chamomile Tea It is supposed to help you get better sleep and improve your heart health. Now, i do not know if it is the tea but the process of preparing the tea does calm me down a lot. This is how i make it: - Boil a cup of water (add ginger if you'd like) - Turn off heat and add chamomile tea to water - Cover it with a lid for 2-3 minutes - Strain the tea in your choice of cup - Add honey to taste

  2. YouTube channel: Ian Hubert My sibling recommended his YouTube channel to me and i have been hooked onto his videos on blender VFX since then!

  3. Favourite purchase: Assorted Water Colour Set While growing up, i hated the drawing and painting period at school. I just didn't have the patience to learn how to walk the line. Bought this travel-friendly set that i am obsessed with!

  4. Album I have re-discovered: Pink Floyd's Meddle It is one of most favourite albums by the band partly because of the album art(there is smth so beautiful about an ear submerged in water, collecting sound waves) and partly because i have an undying love for concept albums!

  5. An unexpected discovery: Things remembered and things forgotten by Kyoko Nakajima I have fallen in love with Japanese literature. And i discovered this book just 2 days ago and i can't wait to get a copy of the same! It is a colection of 10 short stories involving ghosts and families.

How do you like these recommendations?

Let me know if you'd like to see my discoveries at the end of each week!


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Thanks Vaani 😌


Jaydeep Valecha
Jaydeep Valecha
Jun 16, 2021

Loved it. Can't wait to read more of these. Keep them coming Vaani :)

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