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#2: Vaani's Recco Mix

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Hello, hello!

Here's a list of my favourites of the past week!

  1. A new app for weather: Carrot It is a delightful weather app that comes with 5 different personalities: Professional, Friendly, Snarky, Homicidal and Overkill. For someone who really doesn't engage in a lot of dialogue, its personalities bring so many eyerolls and tears along! Not to forget the accuracy and detailed analysis of weather. If you prefere to go premium, it will also give you weather maps (a dream of people who love data).

  2. An app for tracking mental health: Stoic It is somewhat of a daily self care journal and has helped me organise my mind and actually be more productive. It comes with a lot of exercises that will help you journal, meditate, breathe and so on. There are also guided walks if you'd like.

  3. Mythology and Folktales: The Blue Lotus After spending over a year trying to find the roots of my heritage, i have realised my love for folklore. Came across The Blue Lotus in a book store i visited recently and it just filled my insides with joy. Tales from across India from different religions, scriptures and eras. This book is a wonderful insight into the age-old stories that have survived the test of time(or in some cases, help you connect dots and place traditions in order)

  4. Movie i re-visited: Eddie the Eagle I revisited this move after years last week. It has now become one of my favourite biopics mostly because of the protagonist's resilience and partly because of Hugh Jackman (are we allowed to say that?) But whatever the reason be, this biopic has sent me looking for more biopics.

  5. A Facebook group: We Pretend It's 1453 Internet I am not sure why i am posting it here but i just wish a lot more people knew of this group. Members pretend it is 1453 AD and share life problems/memes catering to the era. If you're a history buff, you will love this group.

Also, if i don't stop, November Rain by Guns N' Roses will become the most played song of my 2021 apple playlist! Anyway, I hope these recommendations will help you discover smth that adds value and joy to your life.

Until next Monday...




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