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#3: Vaani's Recco Mix


I hope you are doing fine :)

Here are my favourites from this week.

  1. Handmade pocket diary Well, i have alwatys loved diaries but once on a trip to McLeodganj, i discovered a beautiful hand painted diary but i wasn't able to find a similar one until now. This one, with beautiful blueberries on its cover just makes me happy. It is pocket sized making it all the more perfect.

  2. Ford vs Ferrari I have just started making movies a part of my lifestyle. And i decided to become more disciplined and watch one movie each week. So, i picked up this biopic. Of course, I am late to the party but this is such a beautiful watch. I can count the number of frames that left me in awe!

  3. Houses of Chembur This is an Instagram handle that popped up in my feed a few days ago and it photographs the houses of Chembur. The bio of the page sums it up the best: "A page showcasing the low key cosmopolitanism, linguistic and religious pluralism, and general idiosyncracy of the houses of Chembur."

  4. Can Discovered them through Vaibhav on our Zoom call. Can was a german experimental rock band. Their songs blend elements of psychedelic rock, funk and noise making their music so interesting!

  5. What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself? This YouTube video by Life Noggin talks about cloning: how cloning happens, the science behind it, its history and future. For someone who doesn't want to get into the extremes of this process, it is such an interesting video to watch, (Reminded me of the Superman clones Lex Luthor made in the DCU.)

Also, i just can't stop listening to Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughan. This song feels like heaven and i refuse to befriend anyone who won't agree. Anyway, I hope these recommendations will help you discover smth that adds value and joy to your life.

Until next Monday...



P.S. I have decided to take my favourite pic of the week as the cover pic. Do you like this week's cover pic? It is the wall of the common room at 3 on a Sunday afternoon :)


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