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My One-year Anniversary at Chalchitra Talks

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

This post is an anniversary special. Today, I am celebrating my one-year anniversary at Chalchitra Talks.

This thought makes me smile.

What comes to mind is William from Notting Hill. He has rushed to the hotel to stop Anna. She is leaving for America but he wants her to stay and to his surprise, she agrees. She will stay, "indefinitely."

And the camera turns to William, smiling. I want to smile like William.

I smile like William when I think of this anniversary special.

It started with a call Vaibhav made to me on the morning of 23rd last year.

Thinking it would be a "belated happy birthday" call, I was taken aback when he proposed the book recommendation series. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to do it. But the eternal what-ifs paralysed me. I didn't want a social media platform to decide my doomsday. I have always carried a baggage of unsolicited advice. Sometimes it works very well for entertainment, other times it adds trauma.

Pushing it aside, I thought to myself, "What if this paralysis turns into the heaviest baggage that I will carry?"

I agreed and shot a trial draft for The Groucho Letters.

Vaibhav published it as the final cut.

At around 9 PM, the video went live.

It worked.

Chalchitra Talks became an integral part of my call logs.

But without going around in circles, I want to tell you I am beaming with joy as I write this. Not happiness, but joy.

I have grown a year old with Chalchitra. I have found partnerships that run on the same fuel. Partnerships that I deeply care about. Partnerships that inspire me to never stop growing.

My learning after a year?

"Don’t just resist cynicism — fight it actively. Fight it in yourself, for this ungainly beast lays dormant in each of us, and counter it in those you love and engage with, by modelling its opposite."

- Maria Popova

To be a cynic is easier. But, cynicism is inferior. It destroys any spark of creativity and rationale. It ruins the scope you represent, shoves the growth out through the back door and limits you like a bad breakup. Cynicism blinds you. It busies you with thoughts and actions that don't need your time. You build walls where there are no barriers.

To be the opposite of cynic, especially today is difficult. It requires courage and persistence. It needs resistance but it pays its dividend with joy.

And therefore, I am elated. It is the annual celebration of losing my baggage.




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