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Vaibhav's Recco Mix #1

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Starting a new blog series where I'll be sharing the best discoveries of the week in the realm of products, games, food etc. Below is a list of all the fun stuff I discovered this month.

The Video Game I played which felt like a dream: Gris.

This was the most beautiful video game experience I have had in a long time. And I can say this game was the reason that pushed me to write this blog. It is a short game, available on Steam that you should not miss at all. God bless my friend Arpit for recommending this.

The new Tea I tried which has made me not have coffee for a week now: Makaibari

I have occasionally had tea for the last 26 years of my life but I have never had something which felt like this.

My favorite from the lot was earl grey tea.

The music album I re-visited this month: Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

I have always been vocal about my love for techo music. But there is a particular kind of techno I like a lot - dub techno, and stott is the king of this genre. He takes out all the melody from his track, makes the leftovers sluggish and fills them with atmosphere. The medieval feel that Stott gives to the tracks makes me imagine Neanderthals dancing underneath moonlight and getting lost in techno for hours.

Note : Most of your are not going to like this music.

The TV Show the has been keeping me Sane: Ramy

It's so good. This show has become the reason I look forward to the next day. It's so genuine and awkwardly funny. Available on Amazon Prime.

My favorite Purchase of the month: Wire Managing Cord

I have bought a lot of things for my desk this month. This small purchase has made my desk looks so much more aesthetic and organised.

These were some of my discoveries for this week. Would you like to see something like this every week? Do comment below :)

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1 Comment

Arpit Kher
Arpit Kher
Jun 12, 2021

Haha 😍 Love this mini recommendations . Keep going

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